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After living in my home for 10 years I have decided to take on a backyard re-design and install an artificial putting green on my own. I have completed extensive research and I feel that I can complete the project on my own without using any professional services. I did research how much it would cost to have this completed 100% by a professional company and I am attempting to be able to accomplish the same job for Underhalf of that price.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saturday October 06

The first thing saturday morning we rolled out the putting surface to where we wanted it to go.  Earlier we had rolled a soccer ball over the ground surface to make sure that we were happy with the elevations and breaks.

In order to get nice lines in the putting surface we placed a water hose around the green and used it as a  guide for our greens shape.  We then nailed against the hose, raised the putting surface and connected the dots with chalk.  We then used the chalk lines to cut the surface from the back.
After the green was cut, we got right to work on the fringe.  The first thing we did was to unroll it and then broom and rake it to get the fibers to stand and bloom.  Next we cut rough pieces and laid them around the green.   We raised the green surface and placed the fringe under the putting surface and made nail holes through the fringe.  Lastly, we connected the dots of the nail holes with a sharpe and then cut out the pieces.

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