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After living in my home for 10 years I have decided to take on a backyard re-design and install an artificial putting green on my own. I have completed extensive research and I feel that I can complete the project on my own without using any professional services. I did research how much it would cost to have this completed 100% by a professional company and I am attempting to be able to accomplish the same job for Underhalf of that price.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days 3, 4 and 5

The step before the below sanding was to lay down commercial grade weed fabric between the seems and glue it with PL 375 adhesive.  I did not have good luck with the glue drying, I think the glue should have been exposed to outside air for a longer period of time.  After gluing I used 4 inch galvanized nails to nail the fringe down closest to the green surface.  Do not nail the green surface.

After nailing I spread about 12 bags of sand, then spread and then added more.

I found that a softer bristle broom worked well, as well as a large plastic leaf rake.

Before nailing down the outside down I had to cut the fringe.  I used a power cutter for the job around by the cement curbing and I used the box blade for the cuts around the patio.  After cutting to my satisfaction I nailed down the outside of the fringe around the whole green.

I now could cut the cups out!  This took a lot of sharp blades to do well.  I used around 7 to 8 blades per hole.  I cut an X shape in the hole then I laid my blade on the outside of the hole and cut around.

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