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After living in my home for 10 years I have decided to take on a backyard re-design and install an artificial putting green on my own. I have completed extensive research and I feel that I can complete the project on my own without using any professional services. I did research how much it would cost to have this completed 100% by a professional company and I am attempting to be able to accomplish the same job for Underhalf of that price.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday October 5th

First thing Friday morning I went to Home Depot and rented a 20inch plate compactor.  I compacted the topsoil 3 times.  This was very tough the first 2 times until compaction tamped the ground down more tightly.

At 10 am I had 4.5 cubit yards of road base II and 2.5 yards of arena sand delivered from Valley Rock of Loomis.

I started loading up wheelbarrows of the roadbase and the delivering it to the back yard.    Around noon my turf and fescue was delivered.  Each roll weighed about 230 lbs.

Once I felt that I had 2 inches of material I spread it out with a landscaping rake, then I wet it down and ran the compactor over the surface.  Each time I compacted I did it twice, watering along the way.

After the compaction was complete and the elevation was like I wanted it the 6 inch aluminum  cups were placed.  I used post hole diggers and went down about 8 inches then used gravel to get the cups to where they were 1/4 inch above the ground and level.  Then I added post hole cement and wet it down.

After compaction we drew a painted line of how we wanted the shape of the putting surface to be.

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