My Story

After living in my home for 10 years I have decided to take on a backyard re-design and install an artificial putting green on my own. I have completed extensive research and I feel that I can complete the project on my own without using any professional services. I did research how much it would cost to have this completed 100% by a professional company and I am attempting to be able to accomplish the same job for Underhalf of that price.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Choosing the turf product

Trying to decide what product to purchase and where to buy it from was a tough decision.  There are many products on the web, at COSCO and home improvement stores.  I did a lot of research and determined that I wanted to go with a polypropylene material.  Most of the companies that I found typically use a nylon material and from my research I found that it is harder to clean, and doesn't perform as well as a polypropylene product.  I found a few companies online that sold the product, I called them all to interview the companies because I am going to need technical support via phone leading up to and during the install.  I found that Dan from Artificial Turf and Putting Greens ( had the most experience and was also by far the most helpful.  Dan also is an owner of the company and makes the product himself.  I am very pleased so far by my decision,  Dan has spent a lot of time with me on the design of my project, the materials that I will need, as well as how to complete the project on my own.
I decided to go with the Double Eagle 3/4 inch non directional putting turf and the multi-color 1 1/4 short fescue

The Trampoline is GONE!


After 3 years it is finally gone!  Now I can finish ripping out the remaining sod and grass.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The before pictures and Plot Plan:
Panoramic picture, the scale is off on it, grass area is around 650 Sq ft.
The trampoline has to go!
Middle of yard

September 17, 2012...Day 1 of the project

I am planning to take out the current dead grass in my yard with a pick ax.  The reason that this is a difficult job is because of the surface roots that my maple and purple leaf plumb have produced over the past 9 years.  I am spending about 1.5 hours a day on this, we will see how long it will take.  I know that I could rent a sod cutter for the job for around $75, but I think there may be to many roots for it, and I am trying to save money on the job.